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Ctek M 300
Ctek M 300
  • Model: M 300
  • Manufactured by: Ctek

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Ctek M 300

Complete marine charging for large boats

M300 is CTEKs powerful charger for boat owners with larger need of quick and effective charging.

  • Technology

    Volt: 12V
  • Charging current: 25A max
  • Charger type: 8 step, fully automatic charging cycle
  • Battery capacity: 40–500Ah up to 500Ah for maintenance
  • Functions

    Auto: Fully automatic for optimal charging
  • 12V: For all lead-acid batteries
  • Fully Charged Battery / Maintenance Charging
  • Temperature sensor
  • RECOND: Recondition of deeply discharged batteries
  • NIGHT: charging at reduced power and with deactivated fan for 8 hours

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